Introducing MCC Karydakis

Introducing MCC Karydakis

MCC Karydakis

Introducing MCC Karydakis

As a result of the acquisition of Karydakis IML by Multi-Color Corporation, Karydakis IML will operate as MCC Karydakis as from February 19, 2024.

Who is MCC?

MCC supports a number of the world’s most prominent brands including leading producers of Beverage, Wine & Spirits, Food & Dairy, Personal Care & Beauty, Home Care & Laundry, Healthcare, Durables & Technical and Automotive & Chemicals. MCC knows the in mold labeling business well, as it is the home of MCC Verstraete and MCC Korsini, two of the world's largest IML printing companies.  

Becoming part of MCC will open up new opportunities for local and international growth, while allowing us to retain day-to-day control of our operations. We’ll continue delivering the high standards of quality and customer service you know from us.

New name, same service

MCC Karydakis has a new name and branding, but our culture and values remain the same and our number one focus still is to provide you with the best IML solutions.  

The label production will still take place in Athens, Greece and you will be supported in the same familiar way by your well-known and local MCC Karydakis team

Karydakis IML

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Blow molding IML

Blow Molding IML

Blow molding is used for the production of hollow plastic parts.

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