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Meet MCC Verstraete and MCC Korsini at Fakuma 2023!

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Meet MCC Verstraete and MCC Korsini at Fakuma 2023!

Come and discover our extended (IML) product range, with showstopping IML innovations driving the circular economy for PP packaging.

We supply premium IML label solutions globally.

You can count on us to share our knowledge and experience, so you can benefit from our insights to improve your production efficiency and the look & feel or functional characteristics of your packaging solutions.

IML labels that boost your brand

IML solutions
Label upgrades
Blow molding IML

Blow Molding IML

Blow molding is used for the production of hollow plastic parts.

A true partner

Global Scale with regional presence

Global Scale with regional presence

4 local production units and technical support from 5 locations around the globe
Environmental Leadership

Environmental Leadership

We help you achieve your sustainability goals by offering solutions that enable packaging to be recyclable, reusable or compostable


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