The Karydakis legacy

The Karydakis Legacy

Karydakis IML

The Karydakis Legacy

Since its establishment, MCC Karydakis is one of the leading offset printing companies. It all started with promotional and advertising materials and later on, printing house Karydakis tapped into the (paper) labeling market. The team has pursued and implemented the highest quality standards from the beginning, making them a preferred partners to local as well as multinational companies. 


The start of something big

After graduating at the Fachhochschule for Printing in Stuttgart (Germany), Stephanos Karydakis started building out his career in the printing industry. He was managing director to some of the leading printing factories in Greece. In 1966, together with his brother Leonidas, he founded printing house Karydakis Bros in Athens (Greece).

1997 - 2000

Focus on IML

The first foil printing experience was gained from producing beer labels on metallized wet strength paper, as well as promotional and communication applications such as posters, plastic cards and lenticular films.

Soon after, the Karydakis team recognized the growing need for polypropylene labeling applications for the plastic injection and blow molding industry and started producing labels on polypropylene film. 

The level of specialization needed for IML production is beyond compare with simple foil printing applications. Aiming to maintain its reputation of high quality and innovative label printer, Stephanos Karydakis SA engages in intensive research and implementation of effective processes and deep understanding of the characteristics of the different materials and applications.


Celebrating 50 years of Stephanos Karydakis SA

Printing house Stephanos Karydakis SA celebrates 50 years as a leading company in the printing sector.

50 years Stephanos Karydakis


Start of a new chapter

Since printing its first IML label, the company developed major export activities: 70% of its production is being exported to countries worldwide, mainly Germany, UK and South Africa. It became one of the top 3 biggest IML-producers worldwide and employs a staff of 130 young and enthusiastic team members in the 7.800 sqm privately-owned, state-of-the-art printing plant in the industrial area near the Athens international airport

In October 2023, Karydakis IML SA was acquired by Multi-Color Corporation (MCC) and becomes part of its IML business unit, where MCC Verstraete and MCC Korsini are also part of. 

"Karydakis has consistently demonstrated to be a pioneering and dynamic company at the forefront of driving advancements in IML solutions, and as a result, we have great faith in the combined potential of our enlarged Global IML Business Unit," says MCC CEO Hassan Rmaile about this acquisition.

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