Enjoying MCC Verstraete's customer online portal

Managing IML label orders online: the cherry on top for Emballator

Enjoying MCC Verstraete's customer online portal
Emballator Lagan AB has experienced the evolution of our customer portal firsthand. Initially, the Swedish packaging group started using the portal only to order IML labels digitally, but at a later stage, they were one of the first customers to explore the artwork management feature. Since then, this new way of ordering IML is an inherent part of Emballator’s daily operations.
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New features

After a short time, several new features were added to MCC Verstraete’s online portal. The two biggest evolutions were the access to price lists and the possibility to manage the artwork’s status, whenever is most convenient for the user. “These two features really make the difference compared to the way we used to order”, explains Per. “The developers of the online portal truly understand the user’s needs!”

The ability to consult price lists and to get fast response allows us to adjust the price level in just a few seconds and it also provides a better Economic Order Quantity (EOQ). This is a huge benefit in our day-to-day business.

Per Petterson, Managing Director at Emballator Lagan AB

“Adding artwork management into the tool was the cherry on top. Being able to check and approve our artworks in the customer portal, doubtlessly smoothens our internal communication. Both procurement and the artwork department love using the IML online portal. We would highly recommended MCC Verstraete’s customer portal, as it’s intuitive and very useful, especially for orders with a high volume and complexity.”

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