Daisy Dips in IML packaging

Light Barrier IML keeps Daisy Dips fresh

Daisy Dips in IML packaging

Daisy holds high standards when it comes to freshness, quality, taste and shelf life. The brand is known for its ‘Pure & Natural’ spirit, meaning its dips should be free from stabilizers, preservatives, added MSG (monosodium glutamate) and non-dairy allergens. How does Daisy balance exceptional freshness with a long shelf life? Easy enough with Barrier IML labels!

Key Takeaways

  • Light Barrier IML protects the fresh product against sunlight and UV-light
  • Metallic IML and spot varnish make the packaging stand out on shelf
  • Barrier IML is the most efficient and sustainable technique to produce plastic packaging with a barrier function

Pure ingredients as a differentiator

Daisy is the leading sour cream and cottage cheese manufacturer in the United States, producing fresh, preservative-free products that are consistently named & America’s Favorite*.

Reason behind the brand’s success undoubtedly is its dedication to pure ingredients with no preservatives, making for great-tasting products and setting the brand apart from others. To maintain its so unique freshness, and to improve shelf life, Daisy opted for PP packaging decorated with IML labels with a barrier function. 

Daisy Dips in IML packaging

Light Barrier IML for extended shelf life

Daisy dips are sensitive to the influence of light. With Light Barrier IML, the product inside is protected from sunlight and/or UV light, extending the shelf life.

Barrier IML is the most efficient and sustainable technique to produce plastic packaging with a barrier function. In one single step, using a multi-layered IML film, we can combine the advantages of high-quality IML decoration with a barrier function.

Premium look

The offset printing process of Barrier IML labels allows for high-quality graphics. But Daisy doesn’t stop there. To really create consumer engagement, the packaging has a touch of Metallic IML to it, reflecting the product superior taste and ingredients and giving it its well-known premium look. To top it all off, spot varnish is used to create a dimensional look for the container.

The combination of 3 IML label upgrades each adding a unique value, makes this packaging commercially successful and an eye-catcher in the dairy segment.

*Claim based on IRI Multi-Outlet Volume Sales 52-week data ending 2023

Project details

Brand owner: Daisy Brand
Product molder: Polytainers

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