Mathieu Nieuwenhuyse

May 23rd, 2024

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New Managing Director for MCC's IML business unit

Mathieu Nieuwenhuyse

A change of leadership calls for an interview with presidents past and present. We sat down with Peter Grugeon, MCC’s resigning President Global IML, and Mathieu Nieuwenhuyse, who stepped into the role on May 15.


Peter, after 4 years at MCC and MCC Verstraete, what are the most memorable milestones and moments you look back on? 

Our IML business unit withstood some very intense years with flying colors. I’m proud of a lot of things our teams have realized. 

In terms of innovation for example, bringing NextCycle IML™ and SealPPeel die-cut lidding to the market we’ve accomplished a bright future for IML and mono-material packaging in general.

The global growth of our company, giving us a local footprint in Australia, Turkiÿe and Greece, has been a huge step and is still ongoing with the perspective of opening a production site in Brazil as well. 

MCC’s IML business has not only grown geographically, but also in terms of people. We’re lucky to be working with skilled, dedicated and passion-driven people who push our products, services and innovation to a new level. 

To summarize: I look back at my career at MCC feeling good about the foundations built, I’m confident about the future of the company and what it stands for. 

I look back at my career at MCC feeling good about the foundations built, I’m confident about the future of the company and what it stands for.

Peter Grugeon, MCC’s resigning President Global IML

Peter Grugeon
What challenges did you face during your time as President Global IML, and how did you navigate them?

As I mentioned, we have some very intense years behind us. I joined MCC when COVID still had a huge impact on us, our workforce, and the market. There has been a lot of turbulence in the industry for economical as well as other external reasons. 

Although the circumstances weren’t always easy, I think it’s safe to say that the business has continued to grow and that our ability to think ahead and anticipate, has had a positive impact on our company for the long term.

Mathieu, congratulations on your new position! What excites you most about taking on this new role?

Thanks! But most of all, thank you Peter for all your hard work building strong fundaments and pursuing sustainable growth. The company’s position as such makes me excited to take on this challenge! 

During my career at MCC so far I got to know the people and values we stand for. I’m very much looking forward to connecting and collaborating even more with all the talented people in our team.

I’m absolutely positive that the solid foundations and expertise of our team will strengthen our position to continuing our growth journey together.

Working closely within our teams will be crucial for that, but also collaborating on a deep level with our partners will be key. 

I’m full of energy and anticipation to finding win-win solutions with and for our customers that will drive the packaging market forward.

Mathieu Nieuwenhuyse, President Global IML at MCC

What do you believe will be the key challenges you'll face in your new role, and how do you plan to address them?

On an internal level, we are still wrapping up on the recent integrations. Luckily, we can count on strong people and excellent communications between our teams.

I think the fact that change is a constant in our industry, and instable circumstances present themselves at a fast pace, requires us to always think one step ahead. It’s about finding the right balance between optimizing the now and developing for the future.

Whatever challenge lies ahead for our industry, we need to act as an accountable partner that is in it for the long run, and we need to motivate our stakeholders to do the same.

What do you see as the biggest opportunities for growth and development for IML moving forward?

Mathieu: IML hasn’t reached its full potential yet. New geographies and segments are moving into IML technology and are discovering all the benefits. For example, we’re planning on opening a production site in Brazil next year as we see a need to be closer to our regional customers. On market segment level, we believe in the potential of IML for applications like medical, cosmetics and durable packaging.

Peter: IML will prove itself as a futureproof label technology seen the mono-material feature and how this facilitates recycling. The label landscape will be further defined and developed by innovations that add to functionality and circularity. And we have a lot to offer on this topic.

Mathieu, what message would you like to convey to our customers as you begin this new chapter in the company's journey?

We are a stable partner, in it for the long run and focused on creating winning solutions in close collaboration with our customers, partners and suppliers. Keeping up the dialogue is key. 

Peter, any advice for Mathieu as he steps into this role?

I have absolute trust that Mathieu will do a great job. It’s a fantastic company with a lot of potential and Mathieu has what it takes to lead MCC’s IML business unit. 

My advice, not for Mathieu specifically but for the whole team in general, would be to stay authentic and to walk your talk. Being yourself and respecting others is what will get you the farthest. Keep the FLOW values close to your heart and there will be no stopping MCC. 

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