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April 24th, 2024

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JOZO NextCycle IML packaging nominated for Plastics Recycling Award

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The recently launched NextCycle IMLTM packaging for JOZO is a finalist in the Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2024. Designed to enhance the availability of high-purity rPP, the packaging is up for the award for "Product Technology Innovation of the Year.” 

JOZO’s salt shakers are a perfect example of continuous packaging improvement. From a multi-material (and thus hard to recycle) packaging, to recyclable mono-material PP, and now circular with NextCycle IMLTM, JOZO is set for the future. 

“Over the past few years we contributed to the evolution of the JOZO salt shakers, resulting in the pioneering packaging it is today. We’re proud that our vision on sustainable packaging solutions has contributed to this textbook example of circular design,” says Alexander Heinsdijk, Business Development Manager at SFA Packaging

We strongly believe in mono-material as the solution for efficient sorting. We developed NextCycle IMLTM  to take the recycling of mono-material PP packaging one step further. This nominating is a recognition for our entire R&D team and our collaboration with innovative partners like SFA!

Nico Van de Walle, Product & Circular Economy Manager Global IML at MCC

What’s NextCycle IMLTM?

NextCycle IML™ was developed to maximize the value of recycled PP (rPP). This pioneering IML technology allows a fully decorated IML package to be mechanically recycled without any impact of the IML label on the rPP as the label automatically detaches from the packaging during recycling. The technology is RecyClass approved for both colored, white and transparent PP packaging.

NextCycle IML™ has the high quality that comes from standard IML labels, in combination with next-level recyclability aspects. There is no longer a trade-off between shelf appeal and recyclability.

The Plastics Recycling Europe Awards

The JOZO NextCycle IMLTM packaging was selected along with eleven other entries in its category. 

The winners of the awards will be announced on June 20 on the second day of the Product Recycling Show (PRS) at the RAI in Amsterdam. 

This award show is an initiative of Plastics Recyclers Europe. For more information about the awards and the complete list of finalists: Plastics Recycling Awards Europe 2024 finalists announced | Sustainable Plastics

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