IML for the Medical and HealthCare industry

Medical & HealthCare

From pre-diagnostic materials to OTC packaging, you want your labeling to be reliable, hygienic and high-quality. In mold labels make the perfect ally in the demanding environment of medical materials and healthcare supplies.

IML for the Medical and HealthCare industry

While less focused on look & feel, labels for the medical and healthcare sector demand other (technical) features, they need to be functional. Besides durability and a clean process, there are some additional key elements such as small label dimensions, minimal print to cut tolerances, specific post-injection treatments, efficiency, high volumes, etc.

The advantages of IML for the Medical & Healthcare industry:

  • Clean, one-step production process
  • High volumes
  • Print quality
  • Durability
  • Functional labels (Barrier IML, Retort-proof IML, ...)
  • Individualized packaging
  • Mono-material solution

Different medical industries benefit from in mold labeling: pre-analytics, pre-diagnostics, laboratory diagnostics, and of course healthcare packaging.

Your label needs may be complex due to industry regulations – or perhaps they’re pretty straightforward. In any case, our team is ready to talk through original label options that check all of your boxes.

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