MFL packaging Flora by Upfield

Pioneering MFL-decorated paper tubs for Upfield’s margarine and spreads

MFL packaging Flora by Upfield

A world premiere for Upfield, as the company is introducing its popular brands Flora, Rama and BlueBand in paper-based tubs. To make the new fiber molded packaging mono-material and thus 100% recyclable, the world’s market leader in plant-based foods turns to MCC’s Molded Fiber LabelingTM as decoration technique.

Molded Fiber Labeling MFL - MCC Verstraete

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3+ years of innovation and collaboration

It took about 3 years of innovation and an intense collaboration between Upfield and packaging partners Footprint, Pagès Group and MCC to introduce the new tubs to the market.

For Upfield, the roll-out of the paper tub is a critical step towards meeting its sustainable packaging ambitions by 2030.

Consumers today demand products that benefit both people and the planet. Our plant butters and spreads do exactly that. We're excited about the potential to launch this sustainable, mono-material packaging across our most iconic brands in some of our most important markets"

Karina Cerdeira, Head of Packaging for Upfield

Nico Van de Walle, Product and Circular Economy Manager Global IML at MCC: “Introducing MFL to our product portfolio was a bold move. We have a proven track record to be at the forefront of sustainable development for packaging decoration solutions. Adapting our IML know-how to fiber packaging allows us to offer a high-quality and sustainable labelling solution, in line with our sustainability strategy stating that the final packaging should be recyclable, reusable or compostable.”

Romain Hervé, Business Development Director at Pagès Group: “As a leader in automation solutions we have extensive experience in IML for the plastics industry. We developed a brand new concept enabling to decorate molded fiber packaging with high efficiency. We are proud to be part of Upfield’s pioneering paper packaging!”

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