Leak-tight grease cartridges, fully recyclable and looking better than ever


Plastic packaging producer Avamoplast introduces a new injection molding line dedicated to grease cartridges. Aiming to offer production flexibility, optimal recyclability and high-quality graphics to their customers, they opt for IML as decoration technique. 

Renowned for its mono-plastic food packaging solutions, Belgium-based Avamoplast now taps into a new market with their 400gr grease cartridges. They make this move in close partnership with Moens Packaging, a packaging distributor who was looking for a leak-proof, high-quality cartridge solution. Together, they defined the challenges and requirements that the new injection molding line would need to conquer and meet.

Leak-tight grease cartridges

“A frequently reported problem with this type of cartridges is leaking. This not only causes stains and loss of product; leaking packaging also leads to a low-quality brand image – which our customers of course want to avoid,” says Niek Verberckmoes, Commercial Director at Moens Packaging. 

The injection molding of cartridges is a technically complex process. The difficulty lies in the tear-off point, which needs to be thick enough to avoid leakage and supple and practicable enough for the user to easily tear off the lid.

Piet De Lausnay, Business Development Manager for non-food at Avamoplast

With 30 years of experience and a sharp focus on sustainable, mono-plastic packaging solutions, Avamoplast invested in a fully automated injection molding line that produces a constant circular and straight form using a complex mold with different cavities that has in mold labeling capabilities.

Avamoplast Cartridges

Fully recyclable and looking better than ever

“To ensure the best possible design, we offer in mold labeling. IML allows for a 100% mono-material packaging and enhanced design possibilities,” says Piet De Lausnay.

"In mold labeling is the go-to decoration choice if you’re looking to combine recyclability with high-quality aesthetics. On top, it allows for a single-step process so it reduces transportation costs and CO2,” says Rik De Lobel, Sales Relations Advisor at MCC Verstraete.

Post-Consumer Recycled materials

Because of its mono-material composition, the grease cartridges are fully recyclable. But going one step further and bearing sustainable use of resources in mind, Avamoplast and Moens are exploring the option of Post-Consumer Recycled materials. 

We see a big opportunity in harnessing PCR content for our grease tubes. Our goal for the near future is to produce these cartridges with at least 30% post-consumer recycled material

Piet De Lausnay, Business Development Manager for non-food at Avamoplast 

A story of 3 Belgians

The story of the new leak-tight grease cartridges unfolds against a backdrop of Flemish green fields. Two local packaging experts putting their heads and experience together to co-develop a solution that will set new standards for this type of packaging. Add in the CO2 neutrally produced labels by MCC Verstraete printed only 60 kilometers away, and we’re set for a sustainable, local packaging story. 

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