Customer case Carty - MCC Verstraete Reverse IML

Carty proposed reusable IML-decorated salad box to Patàpain

Customer case Carty - MCC Verstraete Reverse IML

Patàpain is a fast food retailer with several branches throughout France, which specializes in bread and French recipes and is continually searching for innovative solutions. Long before regulation, Patàpain had sustainability at their core. With every new decision, the French company is aware of their environmental responsibility and this led them to approach Carty, a quality food packaging manufacturer in France, with the request to develop a reusable salad bowl together.

Reverse IML inspiration box

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The Solution - Reverse IML labels

For the decoration of the packaging, Carty soon came knocking on the door of MCC Verstraete. “We chose MCC Verstraete because IML labels offer us a guarantee of quality and resistance. Moreover, thanks to IML we have countless graphic possibilities”, tells Sophie Marchal, Commercial Manager at Carty.

In addition to dishwasher resistance, freezability and microwave resistance, Reverse IML also provides significantly higher durability. Due to the fact that the printing is located between the PP film and the IML packaging, you can be sure of high resistance and the label is actually completely scratch resistant. “In a nutshell, Reverse IML met all the desired needs of the customer,” concludes Sophie.

The result, a reusable mono-material IML packaging

“Since the IML labels and the Cartyboxes are both made of polypropylene (PP), this ensures that we obtain a 100% mono-material package” explains Sophie. “This allows Patàpain to participate in sustainable packaging management, while most retailers still use disposable cardboard trays”, adds Sophie.

The many positive comments are not surprising as the IML-decorated salad bowl fits perfectly within the new sustainability regulations. This also allows us to position ourselves even more in the reusable packaging market.

Sophie Marchal, Commercial Manager at Carty 

“Finding new sustainable IML solutions is a focal part of our strategy and that is why we are extremely happy to put our shoulders on an IML packaging project in which reusability and sustainability play a crucial role”, says Benedict Adins, Regional Sales Manager Europe at MCC Verstraete.

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