March 28th, 2024

MCC Verstraete at NPE 2024: Explore how we COVER your IML needs


MCC Verstraete, MCC Korsini and MCC Karydakis, part of Multi-Color Corporation and leading players in the in-mold labeling (IML) industry with several locations around the world, is pleased to announce its presence at NPE 2024. The spotlight is on sustainable IML innovations and the groundbreaking Medical IML system. 

MCC Verstraete's  plant in the U.S. exemplifies an exciting story of growth, rooted in a wealth of experience in in-mold labeling (IML). With a robust portfolio of innovations across all segments, from smaller thin-wall tubs to larger containers for industrial IML applications, MCC Verstraete US is ready to make a significant impact at NPE 2024. Empowered by deep-rooted ties with partners and a wealth of industry experience, MCC Verstraete US is on hand to demonstrate its capability and leadership in the IML sector 

As consumer demands evolve and sustainability takes center stage, MCC reaffirms its commitment to creating the IML packaging of the future, labeled with NextCycle IML™. During NPE2024 attendees will have the opportunity to discover how MCC's integrated IML business unit is at the forefront of sustainability and offers pioneering methods to improve the sustainability of packaging materials. 


1.     Extended product offering: By combining the expertise and resources, MCC has solidified its position as a pioneer in IML. The unified business unit is poised to deliver innovative and sustainable label solutions that exceed customer expectations. 

2.     Sustainability redefined: Participants at NPE2024 will gain insight into the latest developments in sustainable packaging.  IML innovations that boost the circular economy for PP packaging without compromising quality or aesthetics will be demonstrated.  

3.     IML Goes Medical: MCC's IML business unit is excited to introduce its expertise to the medical sector. The unit's commitment to precision, hygiene, and innovation paves the way for advanced IML solutions in medical applications, revolutionizing packaging for medical applications. 

4.     Local Presence, Global Impact: MCC Verstraete's proudly US-produced labels embody a journey of growth and excellence. With a local presence supported by a global vision, our team is dedicated to sharing our compelling story and demonstrating our ongoing commitment to quality and innovation. 

"Our exhibit at NPE 2024 underscores our commitment to keep driving innovation and sustainability in the IML industry. At the same time, it’s the perfect opportunity for us to connect with customers and visitors. Local presence and production are essential to many US businesses, which is why we continue to invest in our production capabilities near Cincinnati. Our team looks forward to showcasing our breakthrough solutions and ongoing dedication to excellence!” 

Mathieu Nieuwenhuyse, Managing Director at MCC Verstraete US


Visit the MCC Verstraete booth at NPE2024 to witness the future of packaging innovation and learn how our integrated approach will reshape the industry. 

NPE, the most important trade show for the U.S. plastics and rubber industry, will take place May 6-10 in Orlando, Florida. Acknowledged worldwide for its pioneering developments and as a hub for the latest technological breakthroughs, NPE provides an unparalleled platform for companies like MCC to showcase their products, services and expertise to a diverse international audience. 


We are MCC Verstraete, MCC Karydakis and MCC Korsini. Together we have over 55 years of experience in label printing for injection molding, blow molding and thermoforming. Thanks to our in-depth knowledge of materials, innovation and sustainability, we are world leaders, producing more than 80 million injection molded labels daily for numerous segments within the packaging industry. 

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