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Medical IML System

Discover the new Medical IML system by ARBURG, Beck, Intravis, KEBO and MCC Label
medical trend

Using medical-grade materials and special labels, advanced automation and a quality control system, we developed a cutting-edge process that will change the medical labeling game. The result? Numerous advantages for your medical products, such as traceability, risk reduction, clean production process, and many more.

Medical IML grants a safe, efficient and reliable way to produce and decorate medical parts.

Discover how it can benefit your business!

Key Features

  • Performance
  • Efficiency
  • Sustainable
  • Quality Assurance
Onepager Medical

Revolutionizing the experience of medical consumables and devices

A 4-page full of technical specifications and important features of the IML medical system.

Meet the 5 Medical IML partners:


Sven Kitzlinger

Senior Application Manager Medical



Ralf Ziemer

Sales Manager Medical



Malte Westermann

Sales Manager Medical



Johannes Strassner

CSO Managing Director


MCC Label

Kim Blondeel

Business Development Manager



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