CTA Dairy inspiration box IML

Inspiration box

Dairy Inspiration Box

Looking for a sustainable packaging that shines on shelf and improves consumer’s engagement?

CTA Dairy inspiration box IML

Discover our Dairy Inspiration Box, filled with fascinating dairy samples and let it be an inspiration for your future dairy or plant-based packaging.

In the inspiration box: 

  • Inspirational magazine: 'IML in the dairy industry'
  • 4 SealPPeel samples
  • 2 Matte & UltraGloss IML samples
  • 1 Matte & UltraGloss & Metallic IML sample 
  • 2 Happy Cow Interactive IML samples 
  • 2 light Barrier IML samples (UV & UV+VIS light)
  • 1 Oxygen Barrier IML sample 
  • 2 Creative Peelable IML samples (1 partial & 1 fully peelable) 

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3 reasons to request it:

  • Be inspired by many dairy and plant-based IML packaging
  • Touch & feel 14 IML samples
  • Get insights on our latest sustainable packaging solutions
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