Label upgrade - HighGloss IML

HighGloss IML

When using glossy white or transparent IML labels, it is possible to increase the glossiness even more, adding special lacquers to the labels.

Label upgrade - HighGloss IML

By applying an extra high gloss UV lacquer, the packaging gets additional gloss and a high-quality look. The extra high gloss UV lacquer can be applied on the entire label or on particular parts only (spot lacquer).

Insipration box Matte & UltraGloss IML

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Key features

  • Add even more gloss
  • Full label or selected label areas only

Inspiring success story

Happy Wall Paint in UltraGloss IML.

With UltraGloss IML, our expectations have been well and truly exceeded. Not only are our new PP pails simply stunning, they also align with our eco-friendly values.

Georges Younes, President and CEO of Amazona
Insipration box Matte & UltraGloss IML

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