Heritage Herrods IML

Heritage Herrods IML

The original John Herrod & Associates Office

Heritage Herrods IML

Herrods IML has a long and proud history dating back to its very humble beginnings in 1963.


A small beginning

All great ideas have small beginnings, and that was the case with Herrods IML. John Herrod, along with his wife Adrienne Herrod, created the company John Herrod and Associates. Their story started in a very small office in South Melbourne. Full of ambition and a lot of drive, they laid the building blocks to what the company has become today.

1976 - 1982

It's a family thing

Following in their parent’s footsteps, Michael and Paul Herrod officially join the family business. They share the passion for the printing industry and their vision of the company.


New location, same company

25 years after its founding, the company has grown so rapidly that additional capacity and production space is required. The company moves to a new plant at 46 Lexton Road Box Hill, Melbourne.


Focus on IML

A new chapter was started by the first IML job. From then on, the focus of the company switched almost exclusively to producing IML Labels.  


New name

At the start of 2020, the name change and branding switched from John Herrods and Associates to Herrods IML.


Joining forces, the start of a great journey

Herrods IML begins an exciting new era after becoming part of Multi-Color Corporation (MCC), the world's largest label company. The company will continue to operate under the name MCC Verstraete Australia from now on. With the new name, the company secures their already strong market position on a global and local level.   

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