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A sleek, professional finish with IML for Vida is life

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The hair care products of South-African brand Vida is life have specific requirements when it comes to packaging. To make sure its tubs gracefully withstand the warm and humid environment hair care products are used in, long-lasting packaging decoration is a must. In mold labeling turned out the perfect solution. Water resistance? Check. Scratch proof? Check. Professional, modern appeal? Triple check.

Satisfied partners

“We have a long relationship with Vida is Life and injection molder Mpact. We value the good understanding we have of each other’s businesses and the fruitful working relationship. We are happy that our solution for Vida is Life has met their consumers’ expectations and we foresee growth in that sector!” says Joe Kaddoum, Regional Business Development Manager Middle East and Africa at MCC Verstraete

“I can only agree. The 1 or 2 small issues we encountered when we started IML, were easily sorted out and the support we experienced then, added to the good partnership that we have. We’re very satisfied, about the service as well as the end packaging!” says Katherine.

It has been a great journey working with the great team from Vida, the milestones were filled with ups and downs and new learnings throughout the project. As an Mpact team we pride ourselves in being solution driven and ensuring that we supply a high-quality product consistently and this we have managed to do through this project.

“Working alongside the Vida team has truly been a remarkable experience. As Mpact, we take pride in our proactive approach to finding solutions and our unwavering focus on consistently delivering high-quality products. These values have been demonstrated throughout the entirety of this project”, says Brendan Mayer, Operations Manager Mpact Plastics Pinetown.

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