NPE 2024

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Live event

    • 6. Mai, 2024 - 10. Mai, 2024 | Orlando, USA | South Hall S14004
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From May 6 to 10, we're excited to welcome you at NPE 2024 in Orlando in the South Hall S14004.

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Come and explore IML upgrades and look & feel options that will boost your packaging’s aesthetics and performance. Discover our innovations driving the circular economy for PP packaging. Our dedicated US team will take you on a deep dive into the latest developments and innovations in IML labeling.


Why visit us

  1. Meet the team and together, delve deeper into you next label project
  2. Benefit from the in-depth knowledge of our label experts!
  3. Discover the IML packaging of the future labeled with NextCycle IML™
  4. Boost your creativity with the latest IML innovations
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